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Here's how to boost your open rate, so more people benefit from your expertise and offers.

Gmail inbox Here's Why My Email Marketing Open Rate is 56%

Women Conquer Business email open rate is 56%
Women Conquer Business email open rate. Source: Ghost

My newsletter (you're reading it) has an astounding 56% open rate (the average open rate in my industry is 17%).

This week, I'm going to show you how to boost your open rate, so more people benefit from your expertise and offers.

Why focus on email marketing?

I've mentioned email marketing in previous newsletters. But we haven't talked about WHY.  

In December 2021, my brother got married in Central Park in New York City. 🥰 It was the first time I'd spent any time in New York.

Even with the pandemic raging, Times Square was overwhelming. And beautiful. So much activity, so many choices. I know I missed most of it.

I didn't buy anything.

After the wedding, we went to Bryant Park. They have an open-air market with local artisans selling their wares out of small kiosks during the holidays. It was crowded but orderly and well designed so you could find what you needed.

I spent about $200 in Bryant Park.

Times Square is social media. It's crowded and wonderous and overloads the senses. You go there for fun.

Bryant Park is email. It's busy, there's a lot to look at, but it's manageable. You have time to focus on what's essential (like reading this 😏) and click on links to buy what you need.

Unfortunately, many businesses instead focus primarily on social media marketing. Don't do it. Stats don't lie.

Here's why email marketing is more effective than unpaid social media:

email marketing vs social media statistics. email makreting beats social media in users, conversions, clickthrough and ROI.
Consider your own intent when you open email vs. organic social media (organic = no ads). Are you using social media for fun (or to buy something)? What about your email? Sometimes statistics make it so clear... Source: OptinMonster

Why businesses struggle with 😩 email marketing

You've read the story. You've seen the stats.

And, if you're like most of the businesses I work with, you make a face 😨 when I mention email marketing.

Reasons why businesses don't send marketing emails:

  • Don't want to bother people (even though they opted in)
  • Don't know what to say
  • Small email list
  • Not a priority, perceived lack of value (despite making sales)

The good news is you can easily overcome each of these obstacles. I'm going to lay out for you how you can get more value from your email marketing efforts.

We're going to talk about each of these points to help you grow and nurture your email list.

Here's how step-by-step:

Step 1: Grow Your Email List Slowly and Intentionally

Don't buy an email list. Grow your list with intentionality.

This is the cure to not wanting to bother people. If they opted-in, you're not bothering them.

Give people a chance to opt-in on your website. Everyone's list starts at 0 and starts with friends and family.

Connect your email marketing growth (ads, opt-ins, and social) to your business values. AKA get the right people to sign up.

Give people a chance to sign up. Offer your email list as an option. It's easier than selling a big program or service.

For example, many of you signed up via the Podcast Planning Checklist or attended a recent speaking event.

Everything I talk about helps podcasters and small businesses.

Step 2: Know Your Audience and Provide Value

People go wrong because they don't connect why people signed up with what they write about to their list.

Remember where your subscribers came from. And speak to their problems.

Offer value, solutions, and quick fixes.

Ask subscribers what they need. Then deliver it.

And yes, you make a pitch for services. But not all the time.


Might be fitting if you're talking about social media spam or email spam ;)
No one likes email spam. Practice the Pareto principle and you'll avoid being perceived as spam. Photo by Hannes Johnson / Unsplash

Step 3: Use the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)

The Pareto Principle means 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes.


Look at it like this. Very few of you will become my customer. The 20% of you who do will make up about 80% of my sales.

In marketing, the Pareto Principle plays out differently.

The mistake many people make (and why so many are fearful of sending out emails) is they don't want to be like many they see flooding their inbox: sale, sale, sale, so.many.sales.

It's like they don't even care if anyone reads it.

You want to do the opposite.

Because you grew your list slowly and you know who your audience is (and what they want), your job is to deliver value 80% of the time and sell 20% of the time: value, value, value, value, sell.

Increase value, then make the sale. Everything I share in my newsletter is a drop in the bucket compared to what my clients get.

Once you master these three steps, you will see your engagement (and sales!) soar.

See you again next week. If you enjoyed the newsletter, share it on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Have a great week,


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Women Conquer Business Show Livestreams episodes every Thursday at 10 AM (Pacific). New episodes available Friday mornings on your favorite podcast host.

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