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Women Conquer Business Manifesto

Welcome, friend. I’m here to help you.

Jen McFarland sporting a shirt from Mimi's Free Tees. Photo by Darina Neyret.
Jen McFarland sporting a shirt from Mimi's Free Tees. Photo by Darina Neyret.

If you believe small businesses deserve the same advantages as big corporations, welcome.

If you want your work to contribute to a more equitable and interconnected world, you’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to rocket through the Glass Ceiling and elbow your way into the Boys Club, I’m so glad you’re here.

Women Conquer Business is a digital marketing operations consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses slay technology overwhelm, streamline processes, and amplify their impact.

But Women Conquer Business is also a safe space for women and nonbinary founders and business owners to get help with ANYTHING that’s holding them back. It’s a haven for visionaries who’ve been dismissed or disrespected, overcharged or underserved, and are searching for better support. It’s a sanctuary for entrepreneurs who’ve been buried under mountains of can’ts, shouldn’ts, and don’ts.

I built this business because I want to encourage people with great ideas to reach their full potential, and because I know that anything is possible — especially with technology. I’ve seen too many women and nonbinary business owners be discouraged instead of encouraged, and I want to help shift the tide. My role in creating that shift is to help them build efficiencies into their businesses, show them how to find and leverage the right tech solutions, create systems and processes that bring the whole operation into gorgeous, humming harmony. I am the calm, confident, honest resource for serious business owners looking to grow their endeavors.

It can be scary to admit that things aren’t working in your business, especially if the people around you aren’t supportive. Women Conquer Business exists so we can puzzle out the problems together, create systems that work for your unique needs, and find the tools you need to retake ownership of your enterprise.

Welcome, friend. I’m here to help you.

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Women Conquer Business Manifesto
Women Conquer Business Manifesto

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