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Grow Your Business: Strategic Marketing Blueprint for Goal-driven Success

Position your business for future growth with our comprehensive marketing blueprint

Brainstorming, whiteboard
Brainstorming is an important part of the Marketing Blueprint. It's part of how we ensure you're getting what you need.

Already have top-notch systems and software, but need to untangle the mess and find a path forward? Look no further.

Our Marketing Blueprint includes a complete review of your website, apps, and backend marketing operations, including the gaps and what you need to GROW.

But not just grow. Growth dictated by where YOU want to go. Our work always starts with goals.

We find the gaps holding you back.

And guide you on the path to prosperity.

Packages start at $2,597.

What You Get

  • 30-minute pre-review meeting to discuss your biggest goals and concerns
  • You’ll be asked to answer questions about your marketing and to provide a list of the software you’re using to help guide my review
  • A thorough behind-the-scenes audit that I conduct on my own, including but not limited to:
    • Website review: search/SEO issues, content review, calls-to-action, site speed, technical errors
    • Software review: do the tools you’re using align with your business goals?
    • Marketing operations review: opportunities for integrations and streamlined processes
  • An easy-to-read, non-technical, detailed report. Typically this is a 20+ page report to guide your ongoing marketing decisions
    • Goal-oriented actionable next steps
    • Recommendations for removal of duplicate systems and software
    • High-level recommendations for other changes and adds
  • 90 minutes 1-on-1 to discuss the report findings via Zoom
  • 1 report revision and 30-minute follow-up meeting (if needed)

What People Say

Amazing! Jen went above and beyond what I expected. Her review and the report were so detailed, yet really easy to understand. Jen walked me through the whole thing and answered all my questions in a language I could understand. She gave me tons of suggestions and useful pointers on how to “fix” things myself. I loved working with Women Conquer Business and I’m excited to work with them some more. Great person – Great company! — Amber Cook, LMT

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