Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Small Business Marketing Services with Jen McFarland

Small Business Marketing Services

Ideal Clients

Most of my clients are small-but-established business owners and solopreneurs who need:

  • Guidance in creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Support and advice as they make marketing adjustments
  • Help finding the right marketing tools to support their biggest business goals

I work closely with business owners. I want to know and understand your values, mission, and goals so I can advise the best strategies for your success.

Together, we identify challenges hindering your success. Then, I provide actionable steps for moving forward, leading to a fully systemized approach to marketing.

How do I do it? I rely on my 25+ years of marketing experience across several sectors (corporate, nonprofit, and public), executive leadership experience and education, and a positive, can-do attitude.

If you are a new business owner, I highly recommend the Digital Marketing Audit Service. Together, we can create a plan of action so you feel grounded and secure in your marketing decisions moving forward.


One-off Problem Solving (“pick my brain”)

Marketing Coaching

Digital Marketing Audit Service

MemberVault Strategy Session

Don’t See What You Need?

Reach out. I’m happy to create custom packages (and in rare cases, done-for-you services) for perfect-fit clients.

What People Say

Jen McFarland has the best combination of high-level marketing operations guidance involving leadership, empathy, knowledge-prowess, and connections. She not only leads you but demonstrates how your leadership in your style can radically shift the future of your business and marketing in a strong positive direction. — Sunil Bhaskaran, Business Coach

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