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Marketing Coaching

When you need guidance, accountability, and someone to cheer you on.

Jen McFarland Women Conquer Business

I offer two types of marketing coaching: bi-weekly (2x/month) and monthly (1x/month), each with a 3-month commitment.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to a small problem, I suggest the one-off problem-solving session where you can pick my brain in a consulting session.

Coaching gives us a chance to spend a little time together. With a strategic marketing consultation, I like to get into the details and give people tasks or ‘homework’ to stay on track, and we can make some serious progress together.

Bi-Weekly Marketing Coaching

$647/month, 60-minute sessions (2x/month), 3-month commitment

If you need guidance, a patient teacher, accountability, and someone to cheer you on, then this package is for you.

I offer straightforward guidance and tutorials based on 25 years of industry experience. Spend 3 months with me, and we’ll work through your biggest marketing questions and issues.


  • Time and space to slow down and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t
  • Clearing out the marketing clutter (fixing what’s not working) so you can strategically work on your business, instead of in your business
  • Clear, achievable steps to move forward on your marketing goals
  • Consistent guidance to help you stay the course and overcome unexpected obstacles ( plus skills to keep you accountable)

Marketing Coaching Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic alignment: mission + strategy + projects (let’s get everything gelling to move your business (and your marketing!) forward
  • Leading through tough choices: I’m your trusted adviser to discuss the pros and cons of key decisions
  • Online courses: is it time to teach, topics, platforms, strategy
  • Content marketing: blogging, podcasts, etc. (getting started, repurposing content, maximizing its ROI)
  • Search Engine Optimization: what does it mean for your business? (typically ties into content marketing coaching)
  • Social media marketing: topics, calendaring, accountability
  • Hiring the right professional: who to hire for marketing, including key questions to ask
  • On-the-spot website impressions (if you want a full review, select the marketing audit)
  • Marketing software selection
  • Integrations (streamlining processes, productivity)

What You Can Expect

  • Accountability
  • Goal-setting
  • Trusted, confidential adviser
  • Bespoke advice based on my experience and your goals
  • A keen listener who’s passionate about small businesses

Meeting Frequency and Support

  • Two 60-minute online coaching sessions per month (via Zoom)
  • Email and messaging support between coaching sessions

Monthly Marketing Coaching

$397/month, 60-minute sessions (1x/month), 3-month commitment

If you need monthly marketing accountability check-ins, this package is for you.


  • Identical to Bi-Weekly Coaching but monthly
  • Recommended to start with Bi-Weekly Coaching to establish clear marketing goals and tasks

Areas of expertise

  • Identical to Bi-Weekly Coaching (above)

What You Can Expect

  • Identical to Bi-Weekly Coaching (above)

Meeting Frequency and Support

  • One 60-minute online coaching session per month (via Zoom)
  • Email and messaging support between coaching sessions

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