One-off Problem Solving Session

One-off Problem Solving Session

Specific Marketing Questions Answered in an Hour or Less

Pick Jen’s brain, $275 (one, 60-minute session)

You have a single marketing problem or challenge that you need help to work through and find potential solutions.

This works best if you have a specific question or issue that’s leaving you feeling stumped and you want to talk through it. These are also excellent brainstorming sessions if you want to generate a list of marketing tactics to research or blog topics to explore. The hour is yours to spend as you wish.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic alignment: mission + strategy + projects (let’s get everything gelling to move your business (and your marketing!) forward
  • Leading through tough choices: I’m your trusted adviser to discuss the pros and cons of key decisions
  • Online courses: is it time to teach?, topics, platforms, strategy
  • Content marketing: blogging, podcasts, etc. (getting started, repurposing content, maximizing its ROI)
  • Social media marketing: topics, calendaring, accountability
  • Hiring the right professional: who to hire for marketing, including key questions to ask
  • On-the-spot website impressions (if you want a full review, select the marketing audit)
  • Marketing software selection
  • Integrations (streamlining processes, productivity)


  • Actionable steps for how to move forward on your marketing problem or challenge

Meeting Frequency and Support

  • Single 60-minute session (via Zoom)

What People Say

I spent many months trying to implement a software platform that I thought would meet my needs.  One hour on the phone with Jen got her creativity flowing.  The next day she sent me an email with a solution and recommendations for a new platform.  I couldn’t see it but she did.  She was spot on!!!  Plan to work with her on my next project!!!— Don Haschert, CRSE Real Estate Group

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