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How to Comply with Google and Yahoo's Anti-Spam Requirements

Google and Yahoo's email marketing anti-spam laws are great... and you need to take action.

Google and Yahoo's new email marketing anti-spam laws
Google and Yahoo's email marketing anti-spam laws are great... and you need to take action.

If you feel like you've been getting a BOATLOAD of spammy sales emails .... you're not alone.

Google and Yahoo are fixing it. πŸ₯³

BUT .... πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ if you send sales and marketing emails you'll need to take a few steps. 

Because spammers ruin everything, truly.

Scenario #1: Using Email

You send bulk/mass emails from an email address that is not your business' domain name (e.g.,

  • You have to start using an email address that ends in your business domain (e.g., name(at) instead of a,,, etc.
  • Use email marketing software (e.g., MailerLite)
  • Then, move on to Scenario #2 

Scenario #2: Business Email + Email Marketing Software

You're using your business domain (e.g., and sending email marketing (even occasionally) using MailChimp, MailerLite, etc.

  • Make sure you give people the option to unsubscribe (like I do down below).
  • Keep spam complaints below 0.1%... this is tricky because that's 1 spam complaint out of every 100 messages/subscribers. So be sure to provide value and only send emails to people who've subscribed.
  • If ....
    • you're buying lists (GAH), or... 
    • sending cold email sales emails, or... 
    • are worried about spam complaints... use an email warmup service (I recommend Warmup Inbox) to stay out of promotions/spam folders, and...
    • Use a separate email to send marketing emails instead of your primary business email (so work/client emails don't go to spam).
  • Authenticate your domain through your email marketing provider (here's how to do that using MailChimpConstantContactMailerLiteConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign).
  • Authentication through your email marketing provider SHOULD BE enough... but for EXTRA CREDIT: check your compliance here (look for SPF, DMARC, and DKIM errors from the dropdown)

Scenario #3: No email marketing 

Grab yourself a cuppa. β˜•β˜•

This doesn't affect you (but it will when you start sending out messages, so hold onto this email!).

πŸ’Œ That's a wrap.


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