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Squarespace Buys Google Domains; Test the Future with Google Labs

More marketing changes as Squarespace takes over Google Domains. The future is here... take a peek with Google Labs.

Google Domains is now Squarespace Domains
We're inching closer to Google Domains becoming Squarespace Domains.

I wept a little when Squarespace announced its purchase of Google Domains.

Google Domains was my favorite business domain registrar.

Why? Because there were no upsells, free domain privacy, it's lightning fast, and has a suuuuper easy connection to Google Workspace and web hosts.

Today, Google Domains announced the next steps. (If you have Google Domains, check your email.) Here's what Google says (shortened):

There is nothing you need to do at this time. Your domain will continue to operate and be managed by Google until it is time to move to Squarespace. All customers will be moved to Squarespace Domains in the coming months. You will be notified once your domain has moved. Squarespace has publicly committed to continue to utilize Google Cloud DNS infrastructure, meaning reliability and performance... will remain unchanged during the migration.

If you're using Squarespace for your website, this is a no-brainer: you stay the course because it will be seamless.

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If you're not using Squarespace for your website.... it depends.

Squarespace Domains claims it's making significant upgrades and will honor Google Domains pricing for a year. Traditionally, managing domains on Squarespace has been clunky at best, so it has a long way to go to match Google Domains. (The inference that it'll cost more doesn't please me, either.)

I'll research small business-friendly domain registrar alternatives and send it in a future newsletter.

Google SGE example, best beaches in Oregon
Here's my recent test of Google SGE (Google Search + generative AI). It removes general, run-of-the-mill blog posts for low-authority sites (e.g., non-news sites). What this means is you need to GO DEEP. Talk about the things you feel passionate about. Take a stand. Otherwise, your blogs, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc., likely won't be visible.

Test the Future of Search, Google Workspace, and More Using Google Labs

Last week, I attended the Engage PDX marketing conference. If you're in Portland, make it a point to go next year. You won't be disappointed.

We saw a demo of Google SGE (Google search + generative AI).

I've seen the future, and AI-generated flim-flam will get you nowhere. You must create unique, engaging content.

Now is not the time to be like everyone else (let your freak flag flyyyyyy πŸ™Œ).

Take a stand, and support it.

Google SGE will have basic how-tos covered left, right, and center using text and images, with audio and video around the corner.

If you want to play around with the future, join a waitlist on Google Labs. Or, use your Gmail account and test Google SGE now.

Use your Gmail account to test Google SGE
Source: Google Labs. This is where you can test Google SGE.

Wait. Last Week You Said AI was Bad

Last week, I wrote about Zoom's Terms of Service (updated with the latest news) and its implications for your business' privacy.

I don't think AI is bad, BUT I don't particularly appreciate paying for a service (e.g., Zoom) so they can mine my data, sell it to others, and use it for their generative AI model. (That's what my blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos are for. 😭)

AI is neither good nor bad β€” it is.

It's the people who control it that I'm suspicious of.

πŸ’Œ That's a wrap.


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