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A Grateful Ending 🎙️ and Awesome Opportunities 🥳

I closed a door and opened many, many windows. Join me.

An Ending 🎙️ and Many New Beginnings 🥳
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Done + Dusted: WCB Podcast

Thursday, we celebrated the final Women Conquer Business show.  

In the end, I cried. And it was time.

The conversations will continue. The weekly production grind will not.

I'm grateful to all our listeners, Shelley, and our guests. 💙

Foolproof Opportunities to Reach Your Audience 🥳

Monthly Content Parties

In an earlier newsletter, I described the concept of a content party.

People loved the idea (clients AND strangers), so I thought, why not host a few and see what happens?!?

We Provide:

  • Ideas! ... content, holidays (real & fun), offers, etc.
  • Group brainstorming sessions and sharing (optional)
  • Dedicated CREATIVE time
  • A fun and supportive environment

You Get:

  • Next month's content on the right track
  • Collaborative creation (avoid the procrastination/stagnation/avoidance vacuum)
  • Pumped up about your offers, emails, social media, blogs ... YOUR business ... all over AGAIN 🙌

Monthly Online Marketing Training

I'll also be hosting monthly marketing training sessions.

Each in-depth training includes everything you'll need to take immediate action.

These aren't webinars.

These are educational events with worksheets and roadmaps to give you a clear vision for the future.

Online training:

News + Notes

What I'm Reading

We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide To Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power: by Rachel Rodgers: Heck Yeah! If you're ready for a business pump-up, this is for you.

Cool Find: Pip Decks

Want to tell great stories and engage people? Pip Decks give you clear frameworks to spiff up your workshops, presentations, products, and more.  

Killer ChatGPT Prompts

If you've played around with Chat GPT, but you don't 'get it,' here are a few prompts to help you use it as intended (as a converstation with human intervention, not a writing replacement).

💌 That's a wrap.


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P.S. Ready To Work Together? Here are 3 ways to receive support:

Marketing Consulting, confidence-boosting guidance with a patient teacher, action-oriented goal-setting, and accountability in a safe, confidential space.

Get a Marketing Blueprint to position your business for future growth.

Join my Marketing Membership because marketing alone stinks — set your goals, get support, and dedicated time to work.

New eCourse: 9 Steps to Marketing Success

Business is hard. Marketing doesn’t have to be.

Let's Unwind Together
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