Content Parties: Your New Best Friend

Content Parties: Your New Best Friend


If you're in business, you're a content creator. Content parties are an easy way to have fun while planning your content.

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Updated: March 18, 2023

We're All Content Creators Now

If you're in business, you're a content creator.

Yeah, sorry. And, it's TRUE.

You're creating content, whether it's product and service descriptions, blogs, social media, updating your website, or crafting pitches and decks.

What you say and how you say it is one of the most important business skills you need (if not THE MOST important).

I know from my client work and presentations that content planning and creation isn't fun for most of you.

So much so that if you're still here, I'm genuinely PROUD of you. Thanks for sticking with me.

Let's talk about a couple of mistakes people make and what to do instead.

It's all part of the plan
As a business owner, you keep a lot in your mind or on crazy scraps of paper, like this guy 👆

Big Mistake #1: Not Planning at All

40% of businesses DO NOT plan their content.

Here's what happens when you don't plan your content:

  • Nothing: because you're too busy doing other things
  • Stress: you get a case of the shoulds (I should do this)
  • Rushed: everything feels rushed and last minute
  • Missed deadlines: that summer special GAH

Start planning. It will help your sanity. FOR REALS. 😀

Big Mistake #2: Planning in a Vacuum

Being a business owner is lonely.

Content planning doesn't have to be.

Bounce your ideas off someone. (Preferably someone who will tell you the truth and who's also close to your ideal customer.)

I have friends who tell me when I'm waaaaay off base. It's frustrating to hear it. And I ALWAYS appreciate it.

Run your ideas by someone. It will make you better.

david i feel like that needs to be celebrated
Creating and planning content ABSOLUTELY needs to be celebrated! Woot!

Host a Monthly Content Party

Content parties are not an original idea. When I was a Meet Edgar customer, I'd attend their content batching parties (a fun way to plan and learn their platform).

How to host a content party:

  • Get 3-4 business owners (trusted colleagues)
  • Block out an hourlong Zoom call
  • Brainstorm your upcoming events and specials
  • Share ideas out loud
  • Write down industry news/tips you've learned that would help your clients/customers
  • Share 1-2 ideas with the group
  • Group brainstorm: how to share these items (blog, video, social, etc.) — be creative!
  • If you have time, start drafting copy and gathering resources/links
  • Share the list with your team, or if you're solo, schedule time to create the content

Trust me.

You will get more done in this hour than staring at a blank page.

If it sounds too complicated, consider joining my membership (below), where I host monthly group content parties.

The most important thing? Getting started. 🙌

Monthly Content Parties 🥳

Let's Create Together 🎉🎉🎉 Whether it's social, blogs, or emails, this gathering will get you jazzed about the month ahead.

Attend a Content Party

This Week's Podcast & Livestream

Content Creator Collaboration for Audience Growth

Learn how content creator collaborations like cross-promotions and podcast interviews help you grow your audience.

Live YouTube broadcast every Thursday at 10 AM Pacific — bring your questions! Or, subscribe for podcast episodes released every Friday morning.

Next week: Podcast guesting is one of the BEST ways to promote your business (for free!). Shelley gives us the scoop on how to be a great guest.

💌 That's a wrap for this Sunday.


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Have a great day,


P.S. Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you...

  1. Pick my brain to give your marketing a quick boost.
  2. Get a 360 marketing review of your web, apps, and backend marketing.
  3. Join our content parties at Epiphany Courses: over 20 courses, plus community and online events (with me!).

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