3 Reasons Everyone Should Set Marketing Goals

3 Reasons Everyone Should Set Marketing Goals

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Focus on your goals. It will change your life.

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Updated: May 09, 2023

I am a big believer that setting goals can change your life.

I have turned around million-dollar projects (and seen initiatives fail). Every success came down to clarifying and setting precise goals.

Want to find your community? Make new friends? Build a successful business? It all starts with creating goals that force you to transform dreams into ACTION.

3 reasons marketing goals drive success:

  • #1 Accountability: Want to hold your feet to the fire? Stop saying, "I want more email subscribers," ... and start saying, "I want 20 new email subscribers by March 30th. I'll promote my newsletter by doing X, Y, Z." Then hold yourself to it.
  • #2 Specificity: Goals need deadlines that are juuuuust a bit uncomfortable. Too far in the future ... you'll forget. Too aggressive ... you'll blow it off. If WHY it's a goal feels fuzzy, it's not specific enough.
  • #3 Supportive: Every marketing goal supports a bigger business goal. Define your business's success FIRST then figure out how to promote it. It makes marketing tasks meaningful.

Comment below and let me know your BIGGEST goals.

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Founder, Women Conquer Business. Marketing pro. Leadership nerd. Project strategy innovator. Obsessed with creating solutions that help women-led businesses lead, strategize, and market confidently.


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