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Long Weekend, Short & Sweet Newsletter

Tone down your marketing after a tragedy, leveraging LinkedIn, how to get comfortable on camera, and more.

Long Weekend, Short & Sweet Newsletter
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You Won't Find any Sales Specials Here


Because when a surge of tragic events happen (Uvalde, Buffalo, and other shootings), it's good to keep a low profile.

You don't need to cancel all social or sales, but please don't capitalize on tragedy with an "in light of recent events" special offer, etc.

It's gross.

If you've done it recently or in the past, I forgive you. Please don't do it again.

Leveraging LinkedIn

I asked my friend and colleague Nedra Rezinas to write a guest post about LinkedIn. I think she did a great job.

It's called 7 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Increase Leads and Referrals.

If LinkedIn is your jam, give it a read.

ICYMI: Women Conquer Business Show

On this week's show, we talked about How to Get More Comfortable on Camera. This episode is all about getting you grounded and ready to film.

Articles from Around the Web

What the Second-Happiest People Get Right: If you make happiness your primary goal, you might miss out on the challenges that give life meaning.

4 Common Lies About Performance and Productivity: Feel free to shed these bits of “wisdom” about hacking your personal performance and productivity.

Pinterest now lets you share Idea Pins on other platforms: Starting today and in the course of this month, all users can download and share published Idea Pins on social channels including Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Adds New Elements to its ‘Services’ Listings to Help Freelancers Generate Business: LinkedIn has added two new elements to its Services Pages, which enable freelancers and SMBs to list the services that they provide on their LinkedIn profiles, and be found for the same in search results.

💌 That's a wrap for this Sunday.

See you again next week.

Have a great day and please stay safe.


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