5 Free Websites Guaranteed to Help You Market Your Business Better

5 Free Websites Guaranteed to Help You Market Your Business Better

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You won't believe these five websites offer GREAT free tools that will help you market your business better.

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Updated: August 28, 2022

🚨 NERD ALERT 🚨 I am an expert at finding software.

Researching and recommending software was a key part of my executive role at the City of Portland (it implemented my final recommendation last year).

People say I have a software buying problem. 🤔 (I won't deny it.)

My clients love it.

I always have a rotating list of things I love. This is what I'm jamming on right now.

Five free websites that will improve your marketing:

  • Organize cool stuff you find online
  • Find email marketing inspiration
  • Learn what your web visitors do
  • Improve your products and offers
  • Polish your PDFs

Pocket get right to the good stuff
Pocket allows you to save your favorite content and organize it for free

#1: Save Your Favorite Online Content with Pocket (free+)

Honorable mention: Notion Web Clipper (works with Notion, free+)

Have you ever seen that article ... somewhere but can't remember where?

Yeah. Pocket to the rescue.

When you're browsing, you click the Pocket button in your browser, tag by topic, and you'll never lose an article again.

Unfortunately, Pocket is now only available on Firefox, so I've mentioned Notion's Web Clipper as an alternative.

Pocket is like a second brain because if it's online, you can save it to Pocket (articles, videos, and links).

And it integrates with SocialBee.io and other social media schedulers, so you can always share the best articles with your audience with the touch of a button.

Really Good Emails email gallery
Really Good Emails allows you to get inspiration among hand-picked, curated email newsletters from the biggest brands.

#2: Fabulous Email Inspiration with Really Good Emails (free+)

This email collaboration tool provides over 9,000 hand-picked emails from the biggest brands you know and love.

Browse, save to a collection, and learn from the best.

The paid version of Really Good Emails allows you to save your favorites (with a Chrome extension) or collaborate and craft the best emails your team can develop.

Hotjar helps you understand what your website users are doing.
Get a look at how your website users behave using Hotjar.

#3: Get to Know Your Users with Hotjar (free+)

If only you KNEW what your website visitors did. ... You can!

Hotjar generates heatmaps, recordings, surveys, and feedback, all while retaining the web visitor's privacy. Woot!

With the free version, you get unlimited heatmaps, three surveys, and a limited number of videos.

Hotjar helps you learn where web visitors dwell, what they click on, and why they bounce.

Learn about marketing and the human mind on the psychology of design
The Psychology of Design helps you spiff up your product, website, or offer.

#4: Create a Relevant Experience: The Psychology of Design (free+)

If people aren't responding to your product, website, course, etc., hop over to The Psychology of Design.

This website reviews cognitive biases and design principles. That may (or may not) boost your sales.

You can make yourself crazy trying to do Jedi mind tricks. The Psychology of Design includes great gems like 'more options lead to harder decisions' that can help your review process.

PDF24 Tools website
A few of the tools offered by PDF24 Tools.

#5: Add Bells-and-Whistles to Your PDFs without Expensive Software with PDF24 Tools (100% free)

PDFs are universally used for ebooks, opt-ins/downloads, reports, proposals... you name it!

But if you don't have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you might not create the PDF of your dreams.

That's where PDF24 Tools comes in.

Create PDFs, add page numbers, merge PDFs ... you name it. 100% free.

Create Your Course Online: Best Online Course Platforms 2022

Online courses are a great way to promote your business, products, and services. Get the details on the best online course platforms in 2022.

Learn about Podia, Kajabi, Vonza, Teachable, MemberVault, Thinkific, and more.

Psst.... I also talk about driving a Lamborghini 160 MPH. If you don't like chit-chat,  skip ahead to about 17 minutes in to get to the course platforms.

💌 That's a wrap for this Sunday.


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