10 Things You Need to Know

10 Things You Need to Know

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When you know, you know.

Updated: May 09, 2023

Sometimes, when I'm in the shower, I think my best.

This morning, I pondered realizations since starting a business and patterns I've noticed among clients.

Here's what applies to most business owners.

10 Things You Need to Know

  1. Business goals are big. Marketing goals support business goals. If you need help connecting the two, join me Thursday at Create a Marketing Strategy to Support Your Business Goals.
  2. Marketing and sales are different. Do they overlap? Sometimes. Are they the same? No.
  3. Listening to people's problems and responding with value will beat a pre-fab, one-size-fits-all sales pitch and proposal all.day.long.
  4. Build your email list early and keep at it for the life of your business.
  5. When 'you're not getting anything out of social media,' first consider whether you'd read what you're sharing; then ask if the content supports your business goals.
  6. If you've answered the same question three times, that's a course, a product, a blog, or something you need to communicate better (e.g., your offerings).
  7. Write down the questions you receive during presentations. The answers are great lead magnets. Or products. Or insights into your ideal clients.
  8. Words matter—A LOT (part 1). Use the words people respond to, and provide what will help most. My people respond to strategy (and hate planning, although I continue writing about it). I guide clients through strategy infused with planning.
  9. Words matter—A LOT (part 2). When you're blocked, use a different word to describe the task. For example, I love presentations. Courses feel daunting unless I tell myself it's a presentation. Then it gets done.
  10. Suppose this doesn't resonate with you. IGNORE IT. Ignore most things. You know more than you realize.

Believe in yourself. 💙

💌 That's a wrap.


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Jen McFarland

Founder, Women Conquer Business. Marketing pro. Leadership nerd. Project strategy innovator. Obsessed with creating solutions that help women-led businesses lead, strategize, and market confidently.


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