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Social Media Automation: Best Productivity Boosting Marketing Tools

If you're spending too much time on social media, but not seeing any results, then this episode is for you.

Social Media Automation: Best Marketing Tools with Jen McFarland and Shelley Carney

Social Media Automation

Are you sick of wasting hours every day on social media? Does it feel like you're not getting anything accomplished because of all the time you spend posting on your social media accounts?

That's exactly how we felt. If you're spending too much time on social media, but not seeing any results, then this episode is for you. We'll guide you through solutions to help you boost your productivity. In this show, we review the best social media automation tools we've used and tested.

Learn how they work, how they help you automate your social media so you can focus on engagement and increased productivity and profits.

Social Media Automation by Jen McFarland

Marketing Apps Covered

Words of Wisdom

How do you get your social media automation going so that you can spend your time engaging? You get your stuff, you create it, you put it in a social scheduler, and then the next step is to automate it as much as possible. Then you can be commenting and engaging and asking questions and driving people to the content that you're sharing on social. — Jen
Every generation, it seems like, has its rebellious label. In the fifties and sixties, you had that youth generation, “I don't want to listen to your fuddy-duddy music… Now it's this “we like listening to our friends on TikTok and Instagram and finding out what they like instead of just relying on Google, which is so full of ads that you can't even trust them.” Never trust anybody over the age of 30, man. — Shelley

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Podcast Transcript

Social Media Automation: Best Productivity Boosting Marketing Tools

[00:00:00] The Women Conquer Business Show is an educational. How to women in business podcast that features stories, marketing news and real life experiences from fun and friendly hosts. Jen McFarland and Shelly Carney. Join us as we dive into the details. So you can slay marketing, overwhelm, streamline processes, and amplify your impact.

[00:00:23] You'll learn strategies and tactics, leadership skills, and practical advice from successful women entrepreneurs. To help you grow, nurture, and sustain your business.

[00:00:40] Hey, we did it. welcome to Women Conquer Business. I'm Jen McFarland joined by the lovely, wonderful Shelley Carney. And today we are gonna talk about social media automation, the best productivity, boosting marketing tools out there. These are all things that I've used for. Years? I was gonna say decades, but that would be overstating it.

[00:01:04] So if you are sick of wasting hours every day on social media, and if it feels like you're not getting anything accomplished because of all the time you spend posting to your social media account. , this is the show for you because we are gonna help you automate using the best tools based on a couple of different types of businesses.

[00:01:22] So I wanted it to be, if you don't have a blog, if you wanna have a social blog or if you are like us and massive content creators, because there are some different tools that work differently and help you based on your needs. So that is what we're going to be talking about today, but let's get started and just check in for a minute.

[00:01:42] How are you doing today?

[00:01:43] Shelley? I'm doing well. If you read my LinkedIn newsletter, you would know that Toby and I have been going through one of those times of the year. I say times of the year, because it happens at least once a year where he is he's retired. He's 73 years old and he's [00:02:00] my business partner.

[00:02:00] And he has been for the past. Nine 10 years. So there are times when he says, why am I doing all this work? I should be retired, but he gets bored so easily. He wants to have stuff going on in his life, but he's just not sure what, because he wants to leave a legacy, make an impact, have his life mean something yet at the same time, he wants to have fun and enjoy life and just relax.

[00:02:24] So he's having one of those crisis moments again, what do I do? Is this business worth sticking with? And this always gets to me when it's but we're almost there, you know, and keep at it and don't quit now, but so we go through this and it's been one of those weeks. So I said to him yesterday how about if we take, we talk last night, we had our show that is our.

[00:02:48] Loyal fans have stayed with us since 20 17, 20 18. They've been with us through thick and thin through pivot and yawn and pivot and yawn, yawn like oh, sleepy. They stuck with us and we are going to be sending them all invitation through our newsletter on Tuesday, saying, come join us on a zoom call and tell us what you want.

[00:03:12] From our content and yeah. And it's those people who stayed with you through thick and thin, who know what you've done in the past, who can tell you what they liked and what they didn't like. And they also lift you up because they're like, I loved when you did this and you're awesome. And I loved how you did and you just like.

[00:03:32] You get that spring back in your step when you get that feedback, that positive feedback. So we're looking forward to doing that and I'm hoping that it's going to help steer us on the, to the right course.

[00:03:42] That I'm a fan of that, and I shared with you that, cuz I do that with people a lot.

[00:03:47] I'm like, they're like, I wonder if this, or I wonder if that, and I'm like have you asked. Have you asked people what social media platforms they're on? Have you asked what they wanna hear from you? I think I've shared with you that [00:04:00] when I. Send a newsletter and it's about social media.

[00:04:04] Like I get like website spikes and people are doing it and I'm like really social media. Gosh. And so I'm kinda like and so now the podcast we're talking about social media and automation. You know, and all of that kind of stuff, but here's the other thing.

[00:04:17] And I shared this with you before, before the show is like Ghost, they read the best newsletter, like hands down. This is my web hosting platform. And they say who should be your first true fan? And they say it should be you. So it's if everybody's telling you like what they want , and then, but you still have to like, it,

[00:04:37] that's true.

[00:04:38] Or you're not gonna

[00:04:39] wanna do it, or you're not gonna wanna do it. , which is why we don't talk about social media all the time. Yeah.

[00:04:44] Because I don't wanna do it on, have it down. When we first met, you told me some of this stuff that we're gonna talk about today and it changed my world rocked my world, man.

[00:04:53] And because I started going, oh, this exists, oh, I can get into this and do, and it makes my life easier. And I, it saves me

[00:05:01] time. I love it. And that's what we're gonna talk about today is the part that I actually is my jam. I think that people like it when I talk more.

[00:05:10] I don't know, posting schedules and all that kind of stuff. Like bloggers talk about all the time. What I'm really interested in is, and it's interesting. I did a podcast interview recently with the launch squad. I think I talked about it before and the person who interviewed me said I always think of you in terms of productivity.

[00:05:25] And I guess that, that, I guess it's cuz ultimately I'm like, what's the point of doing all this? If it's gonna take forever. Yeah. So that's really the part that we're gonna be talking about today is like how to like, do social media and be effective, but also not spend all of your time stewing about it.

[00:05:41] So , that's what we're gonna talk about today, but there's there's something really interesting happening. Do we have sounds this week? Are we gonna do more? Yes, we do. We wait for breaking news. We do. Yes. Are you ready?

[00:05:51] Yes. Wait. Oops. What's happening.

[00:05:58] there we go. [00:06:00] ba-ba-ba.

[00:06:00] I love it. Okay. So if and it, and if you didn't catch our blooper last week, that was like the best ever when we during an inspirational nugget. But yes, we have breaking news music. So there's an interesting going on thing going on with search right now, which. That younger generations are using Reddit, Instagram and TikTok instead of Google for search.

[00:06:28] So are they looking for like video recommendations from people they trust? Is that what it's about?

[00:06:35] So it says when they, it is just like, when they're looking for a place to go to lunch, when they're looking for a product recommendation, when they're looking to buy something, they say that 40%, and this is according to Google's own research that up to 40%, maybe more don't even.

[00:06:53] Touch, Google. They go everywhere else to look. And it's interesting because now there are people even in search who, and it's so funny to me, cuz I wouldn't think of Reddit, please. Reddit is not . That is not the best place to look for. Like legit answers. I don't think. But some people in search will type in, like social media, Reddit, and try to get advice that way too.

[00:07:13] So it is something that. Changing. And so what you're gonna see if you do use Google, which most people still do, they are starting to change the face of Google. So it's becoming much more visual. It's gonna have a lot more videos. So if you make videos. This could be really helpful for you and they're changing it to try and adjust to younger users.

[00:07:35] Now the genie may be out of the bottle somewhat. So if you are really working with and talking to people in gen Z, which are again like 10 to 23 year olds and I would say maybe even a lot of people under 30 you, you might be. Looking at things like TikTok and Instagram, really, because, and most people are doing Instagram, but TikTok it's still not as [00:08:00] popular as everybody talking about it.

[00:08:01] So you might be looking at that. And that includes things like local search. Tech crunch talked about it. My friends over at Near Media talked about it, it's everywhere. So it used to be, if you were a small local business, it was Google Business Profile, a hundred percent.

[00:08:17] It was, being on things like Facebook. And now we're finding that if you are trending toward a younger demographic in general, and of course everything's in general, you still wanna ask your people, they are using tools like TikTok for even local search. And we know from just Google statistics in general, that Most, almost half of all Google searches are for something local.

[00:08:40] So that's why your marketing should really, even if you are an online business, you should still be conquering your local space conquering your local space because you know that everybody's searching locally. So then you branch out from there. But I just find this fascinating that and Google, I think felt that this was gonna happen because they have started picking up TikTok and Instagram videos.

[00:09:05] We talked about on an earlier episode, they have started picking that up as part of, as part of their search. So you can find it in search.

[00:09:16] That's videos, video podcast. It's it reminds me of every generation. It seems like has its rebellious label say in the fifties sixties you had that youth generation, I don't wanna listen to your fuddy-duddy music.

[00:09:28] I wanna listen to rock and roll and, we wanna dance. Like we want, a Footloose and then we wanna and then. All the way to hipsters, right? We're gonna, we like everything in retro and we're not gonna go and, do what the old fuddy-duddies do. And now it's this it's oh we like the listening to our friends on TikTok and Instagram and finding out what they like instead of just.

[00:09:50] Relying on Google, which is so full of ads that you can't even, trust them, it is never trust anybody over the age of 30 man,

[00:09:57] well, I mean like John Oliver even talked about it, how [00:10:00] like 40% of everything above the fold now on Google is an ad. So if you're looking for something that's not an ad, like why would you go to Google?

[00:10:08] If you just want it quick and you don't wanna scroll and there've even been court cases about the local pack. So it's kinda you always wanted to be in that three pack, which is like the map and the three businesses. And now there've been lawsuits about that. Like Google in Europe, forget about it.

[00:10:22] There've been all these lawsuits. So Google, I'm not gonna, I wrote a newsletter about this, is Google dead. And I think I said, it's not dead, but it's changing. And with cookies going away and all kinds of stuff, like how we do it changes. I just think it's interesting so does that mean and, are people going to YouTube?

[00:10:42] think that's still the top social media platform is YouTube, but the younger generations aren't necessarily going to YouTube to search. So again, it is about finding out where your people are and then going there.

[00:10:56] Yeah. I feel like YouTube is the most Gathering place is the most likely gathering place for all the generations to come together.

[00:11:04] Yeah. Everybody understands YouTube. I think it's just a good, yeah.

[00:11:08] And there's something for everybody there,

[00:11:12] so yeah. Did I don't see any breaking news in our little show flow for you. Do you have any

[00:11:16] I don't. I'll talk about something that I did this week. I created a free download and I'll talk about that when we get to after the training.

[00:11:24] That's really my only breaking news, but I'll just save it. Duh, duh,

[00:11:28] duh. Okay. Are you ready for the training presentation training,

[00:11:31] Training. Was that it all,

[00:11:36] I dunno why these are some, they're all powering up. So they're all a little bit,

[00:11:41] slow to go. Although 'em twice, I'll just

[00:11:44] do 'em twice.

[00:11:45] So I am hoping that there's some people watching out there that can ask us questions. And if you're listening. I will go through this in a way that I hope is still translatable into listening. Also [00:12:00] know that all of the videos are not only on YouTube, but also on women conquer You can go in episode by episode, if you haven't been picking us up on YouTube, this is the type of show that would be good to get some questions as we go.

[00:12:16] But if not, If that's okay, you can write us an email and send us questions. You can comment on the video if you watch it later and give us questions and we're happy to answer them any step of the way. Sure. Or

[00:12:28] LinkedIn, I was on a LinkedIn live the other day with people from yeah. The tilt and I, they were talking about their new content creator, benchmark research, and I put in there.

[00:12:40] Chat that, I've been talking about this on my podcast. I've been putting it in my newsletter and Pam Pulizzi said, oh yeah, please send links. So I was like, oh yes, I will. Okay. No, that's awesome. She knows, she now knows about Women Conquer Business. And she now knows about messages and methods and my LinkedIn newsletters.

[00:12:58] So I was

[00:12:59] pretty excited about that's great about that. Yeah, you have to share it. You have to tell people about it. And that's really what all of this is about is how do you get your social media automation going so that you can spend your time engaging? That's really the, what you're trying to do.

[00:13:14] You're trying to create things and let me, I have a, actually I have a slide about this boom up boom. The goal is to get out there quickly. Okay. So what it means is if you are creating a video, if you are creating a podcast, if you have some writing, if you have an event. All of the things, the way that you get it out there quickly.

[00:13:36] And I think most of you know this, but in case you don't I do work with some new businesses who don't use a scheduler is you use a social scheduler and then it helps you get everything out there quickly. And you'll notice that I don't have, I ran out of places for icons. So I'm just acknowledging that you can post to Google business profile or YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

[00:13:57] There's just so many places. That you can post [00:14:00] to there's only fans. There's all kinds of spots. We're going with the major ones here. So we're talking about Facebook, Google business profile, Instagram, YouTube TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, of course. And Pinterest. So that's the goal is it? You get your stuff, you create it, you put it in a social scheduler and then the next step.

[00:14:21] It's automated or as automated as possible. And then you can just you can be commenting and engaging and asking questions and driving people to the content that you're sharing on social. Oftentimes, and this is something that people tend to. Miss or forget, or maybe don't know, you also wanna make sure that you're driving people to things that are mission critical.

[00:14:45] from your social media. A lot of people post things and they're like, oh, isn't this a cute puppy video and or whatever. Or maybe somebody else's article you do at least once a week, wanna be driving people to and hopefully more than that to your website to your newsletter, because these are spaces that you own and not just.

[00:15:02] Keeping people always on, on that platform. Now, there were, there was some reporting that came out this week that I saw among kind of the LinkedIn influencers that I've been following that are talking about how you have a diminished return. If you are the first commenter. If your first comment is a link to your website, , there are a lot of people who use some of these different tactics they have been found to be not.

[00:15:27] As effective, but from a time saving perspective, if you can post and then add your first comment using one of these tools that we're gonna talk about, there's nothing wrong with that. Just know that you'll get like a diminished return. If somebody's teaching you that you can do that. And you're like tricking the algorithm.

[00:15:44] That's not really true anymore. It used to be. For those of you who don't know, you could post something on like LinkedIn and then you could like it and comment on it and put your link in . And it would just look at that as like engagement and it would boost it up more. That just doesn't [00:16:00] exist anymore.

[00:16:00] The algorithms are too smart for that. Now they know when you're doing that. Now that we've talked about the big goal. Let's just talk for a second about if you are getting started. If you don't have an active blog and these are both great starter options that you can use forever.

[00:16:15] So the first one is buffer amazingly. Buffer's been around for forever and that's at They still have a free plan, which is amazing to me, especially when you consider a comparable company also excellent Hootsuite. Now no longer, really has a free plan. and it's 50 bucks a month. And they're both very advanced and they both are scalable that you can use forever.

[00:16:42] So buffer still has a free plan and then it starts at $5 a month per channel. So if you have just one channel, you're focusing on which a lot of people are in the beginning, $60 a year. You're set. And you can post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok one or all. And then they have an interesting integration with Shopify, which I think is really cool.

[00:17:06] So if you have a Shopify website, Make sure that you are using buffer. That's a really good option for you. If you are also the other option, if you're getting started is later and that's at, they have a very limited free plan. And then it goes into $18 per month. The thing about later that's interesting is it's really focused primarily on visual.

[00:17:30] So if you're creating reels, if you're creating something for Pinterest, if you're creating something visual, like Instagram, it used to be that later was really just for Instagram and Pinterest. That was it. Then they added Facebook and then it was only fairly recently that they added LinkedIn. I used to teach this to people and there was no LinkedIn.

[00:17:51] This is a really good option as well when you're getting started, because they have a limited free plan and they also have all of the visuals, but then you can grow into [00:18:00] things. If you decide that you don't wanna be as visual, the real selling point for later. It used to be available as part of their free plan.

[00:18:08] I think it still is, but I'm not sure because I have a free plan from years ago. So I get into things. Sometimes they have something called LinkedIn not LinkedIn So one of the things that is a downer about Instagram is you can't put a link. The comments or descriptions and have it be clickable.

[00:18:32] This changes it. So you can say link in bio with your Instagram, and if they go to your bio, you can add the link instead of a link to your website. You add a link to your link in bio, and it will link if you add the link. Later, you can add the link and it'll go to that blog post. It'll go to that podcast.

[00:18:53] It'll go to whatever from there. So if you're really into Instagram later, is the platform for you. Again, this is something else that can get you started, but and you can use it forever. They're both pretty easy to understand. Those are your two options in terms of getting started. Did you use either of these, you probably skipped ahead to fancy platforms.

[00:19:15] I tried buffer a long time ago and I don't know. I just didn't stick with it.

[00:19:20] Yeah. It's easy for people when they're getting started. That's what's great about it. So the second option. Oh, The big, hot tip time saver. And I know this is tiny. You really don't have to read the screen. This is so you know what you're looking for the big time saver with any platform.

[00:19:35] So any of the ones that we've talked about before, Butler buffer later, . Or any of the ones we're gonna talk about in the future. This includes Hootsuite all of the major platforms. They let you add your RSS feed to your scheduler. So what this means is if you have a blog or if you have a podcast or you make changes to your website, you add a blog, maybe you can add this.

[00:19:58] And then the [00:20:00] scheduler picks that up from your RSS feed, which is how it checks. If there's something new and it will create like a post for that. and the way that you can tell. So typically it's your, whatever your domain is. So or And the way you can tell is it comes out as this XML gobblty-gook all this coding, and that's how you know.

[00:20:27] And so you do that because then you're allowing these platforms to create the first post for you. And it's typically like the name and the link, and then you can like type in something. Elegant, fancy, whatever you want after that, but this can save you a lot of time. It can also tell you if you've forgotten to post like something.

[00:20:46] And then for some of these tools that we're gonna talk about in a minute, having your RSS feed added can really be a big time saver when you go to auto generate like social media campaigns, or a lot of information that you're pulling from your website. Pushing out to all of your social platforms. So no matter what, make sure that you add your RSS feed to your scheduler, because it can make a really big difference.

[00:21:12] And I see Shelley writing it down. So I don't know if that means she hasn't done it or what

[00:21:18] no, I'm just I'm writing down the little notes, so I don't forget something, but yeah, the RSS feed, not only to your social media. Scheduler, but to your email provider, because I know on send Fox, it will create an email for you based on the blog post, you just posted.

[00:21:37] It's like here, how about this? And it contains the whole blog post. And what we usually do is cut the bottom half of the blog post off and then leave the read more on there and then send that out and people can super

[00:21:48] fast. Yeah. Yeah. And you can do that. You can do that through active campaign. You can do that through MailChimp.

[00:21:54] I think MailerLite of them. Yeah. A lot of them, with Ghost, I get that option when I go to publish a [00:22:00] new blog post and it's do you wanna email this out to everybody? Do you wanna just post it? It gives you those options. So there's a lot of different ways to make sure that gets out there.

[00:22:10] So if you are a content creator, Like an AC and you don't have to be a blogger , but if you have a blog and a business, so for bloggers, podcasters live streamers that want to autogenerate campaigns. So this could even be, you don't have to be a professional blogger for this. You can be like us and have businesses and just create content.

[00:22:30] You want platforms that can auto generate campaigns that will stretch out over. And two of, there's probably a lot of different ways of doing this, but my two favorites and both founders were on this podcast. That's my own horn, tooting it for a minute. And they're both awesome. I have a longer term relationship with Kate Bradley Chernis.

[00:22:54] She's really rad and she's really dedicated to great writing and building a great product. But MissingLettr is really amazing too. And we'll put the links to those two episodes in the show notes so that you can hear about their journeys. Ben is really from missing letters. Really interesting because he talks about how to take your ideas all the way to launch in six weeks.

[00:23:18] Kate Bradley Chernis talks a lot about being a woman in the VC environment and how she's managed to raise millions of dollars to make lately go. And so both of them are very inspiring podcast. So let's talk for a minute about missing letter. I have a few things here to show you the process for how it works.

[00:23:38] So missing letter does not have I think they may have a very limited free product. But typically it starts at $19 and goes up to $59 per month. And if you wanna take advantage of their content curation feature, which means it's like a podcast or a content distribution or syndication, that's what curate [00:24:00] does.

[00:24:00] That's at the $59 price point, but what missing letter does is it takes your RSS feed, which we just talked about, and it will auto generate based on what you want a two week blast. Meaning two weeks of social media posts going out to your platforms two months, six months or 12 month campaigns, and they go straight out.

[00:24:21] So let's take a look at this for just a second. So they do have a forever free plan. They have the solo plan, which is, your workplace. And again, it does up to 500 scheduled posts, but it doesn't include the curate posts. So what that does is it gets you syndicated out. It's a way for your post to get found.

[00:24:41] And I can show you that because they use it for that. So what I like about missing letter is here's an example of an active. Post that I have out there. It is my blog post that I wrote called privacy first, having a privacy first website and why that's important. And I created a year it's an evergreen post.

[00:25:03] It doesn't matter. when it goes out. And so I created a year long. Campaign for this. And what you're seeing here is we're at about day 90, so it's probably gonna send something else out. And I've scheduled out nine posts to go out over the course of a year and six of them have been sent and there are 33 clicks.

[00:25:22] So I'm getting like a sense of that, of how that's working. If I go into curate, which I also have if I go over there, I believe somewhere in here you'll be able to find. And I go to promote, you'd see, all of our old podcast episodes are in here and somewhere in here, you'd be able to find all of the different posts that I've done.

[00:25:46] How many of them have been cued by other people? How many shares there's been and how many clicks? So that's, what's great about curate is I can take my post, I can schedule it out to my network, then I can schedule it and promote it [00:26:00] through the curated network and have even more shares . And has really been useful for the podcast because we can look and we can see, Last week's post about expanding.

[00:26:09] Your reach has 61 queues out there. So that's 61 other people that we don't know have scheduled it to send it out. So that's pretty, I have to caveat

[00:26:18] That I might be one of them. You might be one, I'm also a missing letter and I do the Curate and I get your stuff. And I'm like, absolutely. Put it out there.

[00:26:25] Yeah. I'm gonna post that, but it's a great way to check your clicks and stuff. If I, so I just had a new blog go out yesterday and I have this scheduled to be a 12 month evergreen post. I can add hashtags to it. I can change these hashtags. They're the standard ones I can select.

[00:26:44] Whatever media. So missing letter is pulling in any of the pictures that I have in this post. This is about writing an effective business plan in 10 steps, it's for the Strategic Marketing Membership, and then I can select the quotes. So look at how easy this is making it for me. It's taking quotes directly from the blog post and saying, is this a good, is this a good post

[00:27:05] And I can click on any one of these and edit it. And. And make some changes to it. And then the ones that I select, I just, add it. And then when I'm ready, I tell it to build the campaign and it will build it and I'll see, it'll start posting. So that essentially is what missing letter does it takes the work out of.

[00:27:30] Taking a blog post and posting it multiple times. One of the things that Ben talked about when he was on the show was that the real problem that Missinglettr solves is that many people who write a blog post only shared it once on social media. And then they get frustrated and they think nobody's reading my blog.

[00:27:48] And the reason that happens is you have to share things multiple times, especially now you have to share things over and over again, because so few people are actually seeing any of your content. [00:28:00] Because social media is becoming more and more paid to play. So that's just a fact. You have to share things several times 'em up make 'em sound a little different every time.

[00:28:10] And that's how you're really gonna get some engagement. Shelley. Are you still there? Oh yeah.

[00:28:14] Yeah. I love this stuff. It's set it up and just forget it for a while and then go check on it every now and then if you make any changes to your programs

[00:28:23] yeah. And you don't have to forget it because you're gonna be engaging with the people on social.

[00:28:26] So you're always faced with it, yeah, I always

[00:28:28] see it and I'm like, oh, there, there is the post.

[00:28:30] Let me share it again. And exactly. So the second program, and if you follow me on social media, you're not gonna be surprised by this at all is called I love this platform immensely. I loved having Kate on the show.

[00:28:47] What they do is, and they were doing this before everybody else out there. So you can see, like now there's all kinds of AI programs out there that are, saying that they're doing all this great stuff with AI, they will write for you and everything lately was doing it first. It was the first one that I knew about.

[00:29:03] It's a trained AI writing assistant, and now it is integrating with Hootsuite and HubSpot. It does it's. It's fantastic. So what this does for bloggers podcasters and live streamers is something very unique. So let's take a look at lately. So if you look here, the graphics are great too, cuz it really just speaks to how so many of us feel, right?

[00:29:26] Head down white flag up. I'm not I can't do the social media anymore. So it learns the words that get you the most engagement and then it repurposes. Your videos, your audios and your text, and it makes dozens and dozens of posts. And you're like that sounds an awful lot like missing letter, except it's not

[00:29:46] Where the statistics and analytics are very basic inside of missing letter. It's great for someone who's starting a blog or somebody who is new to an environment, what you get in terms of [00:30:00] analytics and lately. Phenomenal. Like you're getting like when to share. So instead of looking and seeing no, you have to read posts and they say post at this time, what you're seeing here is actual data of the top days of the week for what performs the best you're seeing, what times of the day.

[00:30:17] When are people engaging, you're seeing the top keywords for how people are responding to your different posts. So gives you a sense of what people are looking at. , what's most engaging for other people for your followers. And then you just have a real sense of, engagements by, by mentions all of this kind of stuff.

[00:30:35] So you can take a look, you can see that, my Facebook and Twitter accounts are off the hook in terms of, compared to other accounts in terms of engagement and things like that. You're not finding as many of the personal accounts. But you can see the performance based on different things.

[00:30:51] So you can get a real sense of what you should be doing. And when in lately in a way that I think is very unique among. Social media platforms. The other piece that is incredibly unique, too lately in and is the main reason why I, missing letter. I don't pay for, I got it through app Sumo. I probably would've let it go.

[00:31:15] If I hadn't, but I don't have to pay for it. So it's there. Lately I pay for I've paid for it for years. I do it because of the podcast and because of the videos and everything. So what you can do is you can upload any audio or video. You can also up, it connects to your RSS feed. So it'll pull in your blog posts and it will use AI to help you shuzz it up for social media and then you go in and edit it. But the real trick here is that you can just upload your content. You say it will go in, it will create a transcript you can view and edit your transcript and then you can click generate. And so what it does when you click generate.

[00:31:59] Is [00:32:00] you're shown a screen and you put in here, like the title of the source, it pulls in the transcript. So you can like, go through the transcript and look at it, and then you can tell it attach video clips. And this is like the thing that is like so crazy is it will go through and it will generate, it will clip the video to specific sections.

[00:32:22] Of what you have created and give you a social media post on top of that. So in the past, before lately did this, if you would have to spend hours and hours of time, if you had a podcast, or if you had a, a live stream video of any kind you would have to go through and manually clip out videos.

[00:32:42] It stinks. Nobody wants to do that. This will automatically do it, and it will add some padding around the videos. So after I go through, I put in my tags and I put in, shortener all kinds of different information. Then the next step is TA da. I see autogenerated posts along with the video clips below it.

[00:33:03] I can then go in and I can edit it. And I can make some changes. I can make it sound, maybe more like me or less like me. And then I can look at the clip and I can adjust the clip as well. So if you look at this, I think it says, it's giving you the clip. And then at the top, what I see is a little piece of writing, taken from the transcript that's related to the clip below.

[00:33:28] It's fantastic. So it makes it very quick and easy to generate and it's generating I don't even know how many posts, so I usually pick five or 10 posts and schedule them out. More if I have time, but it says here at the top generated 219 posts and saved you 43.8 hours. I think that undersells it , I think it saves more than that.

[00:33:49] And then from here you make some changes and schedule it out and you can, and the scheduler from lately will automatically schedule it [00:34:00] based on when you get the most engagement. It'll do a number of posts per week. Per day, whatever or it can also integrate with Hootsuite. And when it integrates with Hootsuite, you get even more tools to help you improve your writing and send it out to social.

[00:34:15] And that my friends are, those are the two tools that are phenomenal. If you are a content creator for getting your content out there as quickly as possible. Yay. Did I just blow your mind? Oh, it

[00:34:31] was just like, oh those are the ones because everybody always wants to know which ones should I use.

[00:34:38] And I'm always use what works for you, but I don't know what's gonna work for you, but you're just like, do these and it'll work for everybody.

[00:34:46] well, we'll work for everybody. In fact, we have another option here. Okay. Which is the social blog option. We talked about these tools lightly last week, but there's a new trend in social media.

[00:34:59] It's pretty hot right now about creating a social blog. So if you are on social media and you've noticed that the posts are getting longer, there may be a little more in depth. They have maybe a little bit more. Thought leadership in them. There are tools specifically for that. We talked about these last week on the show they're called type share and hype fury type fully is another one.

[00:35:20] If you want to do something like that and you need some templates to help you generate specific types of posts that you're seeing out there right now, particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter. Hype fury and type share are two of them for that. I'd encourage you to listen to last week's show where we talk about these tools in a little bit more depth type share gives you writing templates that help you with atomic blog posts.

[00:35:45] They help you with Tweet threads. Hype fury also is very Twitter focused and they help with like tweet threads. They also do auto plugs, scheduled replies, and helping you manage the Twitter machine. They have analytics, they have different [00:36:00] templates that kind of help you. You can take a look at what other thought leaders are doing.

[00:36:04] And they are. Very helpful. very helpful for that. The other thing is, cause I think the last one is, yeah. The other tool I did wanna mention quickly is called I love this tool. will help you make connections among tools so that you can create workflows to make your life easier.

[00:36:34] so you'll see that you have the option of adding things like an audio podcast. Video podcast, you can connect things to Libsyn, Captivate the binge network word you can use, you can post to WordPress. You can also do all the social media accounts. So Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and you can also pull things from like zoom and all kinds of stuff.

[00:36:59] And you can send a workflow to make different things happen. The way that we use that for this show in particular is we take. The YouTube video and we send it over to captivate. So then when we are in captivate, there's actually an option in there to open it up and script. If we wanted to clean up some of the filler words and things like that, this automates the process so that we don't have to spend the time downloading all of the content out of stream yard.

[00:37:31] And then re-uploading everything up into. Descript or Captivate. And so if you look here, it's automatically sending it. We can view the content that it's sent over there, and we can republish it if we made a change or something like that, this tool is really phenomenal for making things quick. The other thing, it just does it automatically, and then it, then you just go to that landing place.

[00:37:55] You don't even have to think about it. The other thing we use it for is. [00:38:00] The Facebook videos. This is one of the things we do with Streamyard. If we want to do some clips that are more specific, if we don't wanna use what's going on in, for that, we can also generate specific video clips. So what you can see here, And this is super easy to do.

[00:38:20] We can make snippets. And if you go through, you can see I want a little snippet crazy on one of these previous podcasts but after I generate the snippets, it sends them automatically to a Google drive folder where Shelly and I can pick them up and then we can share them if we want. What is so cool about this?

[00:38:36] We have set up a template in repurpose. So this template has a headline. I can edit the headline in here and it will take the captions. So what I do is I update when Shelley sends me the transcript, I update the captions in Facebook. So then all of the ums and ahs and all that kind of stuff. And it's spells Shelley's name, right?

[00:38:59] It says Women Conquer Business, all of that is done. And then I upload. And it automates it in repurpose and makes it a box. So it's a very nice video then that we can share out on social that's sized appropriately for all social media. It's wonderful. And it's nice to have the captions because the thing about video is everybody likes video, but a lot of people don't have the sound on.

[00:39:23] So with video, it's nice to always have the captioning going. And then what we do is we take. I always do a full length video. And then this is what I actually send over to lately is a full length video with the captions. It's a cleaned up transcript and then we take that and that's actually what is being clipped in lately.

[00:39:43] As you can see over here. Is it's the headline of the post of the podcast episode clipped to speak to a specific item within the podcast show. So this automation, I can't even tell you, it saves a phenomenal amount of time [00:40:00] and then what it does is it makes it so that you can engage, review the analytics and then iterate on it.

[00:40:07] One of the reasons that all of these tools that we've talked about. Are the ones to look at is that whether it's buffer or or, hype fury or missing letter, they all have some sort of. Analytics, something that you can look at to see how popular was this post and what is it that I need to do to make it better, make it resonate more?

[00:40:32] Sometimes we, I use the topics in what happens in missing letter, how many people are sharing it and curate. And I'm like, okay, that topic didn't hit. So maybe we shouldn't do a whole series of the podcast about a specific topic since nobody liked the first one, the more you can share, the more you can automate, then you can be iterating on it and be thinking about what it is that you're creating.

[00:40:53] You can get really excited about certain topics. You're getting a lot of information that can really help you then become better at what it is that you're doing. The end

[00:41:09] that's the last one. That was the last slide. That's the end.

[00:41:19] Yeah. So either I scared everybody away or they passed out from the amazing automation. It blew their minds. It blew their minds and they're like passed out on the floor. We didn't get a lot of questions probably cuz of they're like Shelley and taking notes, so right, exactly. Excuse me. I think that this has been helpful.

[00:41:39] This is a lot of, oh, it's exactly what I do. In different pieces and parts. And when I have, when I don't have as much time, I just go with whichever one is the quickest and that's what you need to do. I would suggest that you test a lot of these tools, find what works best for you and run with it.

[00:41:59] [00:42:00] That's right. It does take some testing and you do have to keep an eye on things and sometimes links break and you have to go in and adjust and sometimes you change. Your RSS feed because you're not, you decide to go from one channel over to another channel and from one playlist to a different playlist.

[00:42:17] So you have to, make sure you're still adjusting those things as they come up. I picked a few actually off of app Sumo. When I got started into it, I started, I do have missing letter, but I don't have the full suite that Jen has, but I do have it. So I understand how it works. So that's helpful for if I need to go into the women, conquer business one and work on it.

[00:42:39] I have one called feed hive, which I really only use when I wanna just send something out. You. Boom here. And then I have social web suite, which brings in all the RSS feeds and sends things out automatically. So I just, that's the one I just set and forget. So I kinda a smorgousboard when it comes to that.

[00:43:00] That's awesome. Yeah. I think that, and I think that's what we all end up with. I think as entrepreneurs, cause we end up with a whole bunch, it's like a buffet of social media tools. And then you find that you settle on one or two. Yeah.

[00:43:12] And that's definitely ones that fill in the gaps that the other ones have might have.

[00:43:16] Exactly.

[00:43:17] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that is what I have. Do you wanna talk about, you left us, like hanging there, like you had something that you were gonna talk about after the training. Okay. What you

[00:43:27] got? Okay. Let me explain. So as a content entrepreneur coach, I get asked, certain questions again and again, from content creators who are new and they're wanting to understand, okay, so how can I stand out online and connect with my target audience?

[00:43:49] And they wanna know how do I quickly create engaging content every week without getting overwhelmed. So I created a. I [00:44:00] created a framework that's based on my years of, practice and what I do. And I'll just quickly share that on screen there. Oh, there . There it is. So it's a framework and a schedule.

[00:44:17] It shows you in an infographic. Take this, start with the live stream and here's where it goes and here's what you do with it. And then here's what you end up with. And then the scheduler tells you, okay, Monday you do these three things. Tuesday, you do these things. Wednesday, you do these things Thursday.

[00:44:34] You do this Friday, you do this and here are the different. Platforms and apps that you use to make that happen. So all the answers are there in two infographics. And if you are interested in grabbing that for yourself, go to framework. And just give me your name and email, and I'm gonna email you some really awesome materials along with the infographics that just make oh, I'm gonna print this out and put it up on my bulletin board because this is what I'm gonna do for the rest of the next couple of months until it's, part of your lifestyle and ingrained habits that, that.

[00:45:14] Are fun and creative and and it's just, you're now you're a content marketer. We . So suddenly you go from don't understand it to, ah, I get it to now. I am one. So that's what it is. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah.

[00:45:32] So before, oh, Hey, I'm all by my I'm all by my lonesome.

[00:45:37] pushing buttons.

[00:45:41] buttons.

[00:45:42] So I usually, as I usually offer my newsletter and I would encourage you. So here's the deal. If you are a newsletter subscriber, then For Women Conquer Business, I would say hang tight about what I'm about to say. So if you become a Women Conquer Business subscriber [00:46:00]

[00:46:02] I'm about to drop some knowledge on you and a big discount, but if you only wanna be a podcast, listener or watcher, and you don't wanna join subscribe to Women Conquer Business, I am offering something a big discount for podcast listeners who want to join the Strategic Marketing Membership that is at

[00:46:24] There is a special offer for podcast, listeners and Watchers. That they can get into the Strategic Marketing Membership at a special. We are finally opening the doors to the Strategic Marketing Membership. We have changed that into being a membership. The membership doors are now open and what we are offering today is 15% off and that's off of.

[00:46:50] Either monthly or an annual subscription. Typically it is $25 a month or $250 for the year and today we're offering it for 15% off. And so please go to for that special offer. And if you are a newsletter subscriber, Fasten your seat belt, cuz there's gonna be a bigger deal.

[00:47:13] coming out to newsletter subscribers. Yeah. So please stay tuned for that. But we're very excited. We have built not only in Ghost, a wonderful newsletter and a, and all of the courses are now up in, in the Strategic Marketing Membership. I think we have 20 different courses up there. Now, some are content, some are audio only, and some are video courses.

[00:47:36] We also have a full membership platform in heartbeat where we can run cohort based courses and all different kinds of things through there. So that is super exciting as well. And like I said, it's typically $25 a month or $250 a year. That's probably our intro rate because this. An incredible deal at $25 a month.

[00:47:58] So what we are [00:48:00] offering is 15% off for podcast listeners. So please go to for your special deal.

[00:48:09] All right. Very cool.

[00:48:12] So if you like these courses, you're gonna love it over there. Basically.

[00:48:14] I'm on the newsletter list. I'm gonna wait for that. Wait for that big deal is

[00:48:21] Yeah. Can't we can't wait. I can't wait to write it. I need to write that

[00:48:25] tweaks.

[00:48:26] Are we ready? Tweaks of the week? I'm ready for tweak of the week.

[00:48:31] Okay, let's try that one more time. I've gotta figure out these buttons.

[00:48:36] I know it's fine. Don't worry about it. so I started so last week, Shelly and I were talking about app Sumo and all of the things that we had bought during app Sumo.

[00:48:50] And I think at that time I hadn't bought anything during app Sumo days, cuz I was trying to be. Good kid and not do it. And then I was like, Shelley bought a lot of stuff, so I need to buy some stuff too.

[00:49:03] cause as you all know, what does Jen need? Jen needs more apps, maybe. I want more apps. I always want more apps. Okay. Check them out that

[00:49:13] way. You know which ones to recommend.

[00:49:15] I know. And which ones not to this one. I love hate it. and I'll, you're gonna know why in just a second. I'm gonna let me put this over here so I can share my screen.

[00:49:28] This is, I have had my eye on this for a long time. This is called rise. R I Z E and it is, and I believe it's still on app Sumo. And so what this, what is rise? Rise is a productivity app. And it takes and it goes against one of the things that I talk about, which is, a lot of, I'm really into privacy.

[00:49:56] But this has it's encrypted. And the only person I [00:50:00] can that can get tinny in my data is me. And it's encrypted in transit and at rest, which is something you should look for before you have a program like this, that. Or can be somewhat intrusive. So what this is doing is it's tracking what I am doing.

[00:50:14] and this is why it's a love-hate it's tracking what I'm doing throughout the day. And it's telling me how much time I'm spending in meetings, how much time I'm spending on breaks, video conferencing, marketing and how much focus time. And as you can see, one of the things in the chat, and I was like, ah, I'm not gonna talk about that.

[00:50:29] Is that I haven't felt very focused. As you can see. There you go, 15% of my time is considered focus time in this app. not very good. , and I'm spending a lot of time in meetings. I don't know why it says I have so many breaks, but apparently, maybe it's just time away from my computer. Cause it can't, it doesn't read my mind or know what I'm doing.

[00:50:49] So I. Appreciate this it's called It is helping me make sure that I'm spending more quality time at the computer. If you find yourself browsing on social a lot, you'll find here marketing is not the same as social media, so I'm not spending a ton of time on social media. If you look this week, I've spent 18 minutes on social media.

[00:51:11] so I don't spend a ton of time on social media and you shouldn't either. A lot of people don't believe me when I say I'm not on social media all day, honestly, it's the social media automation. Magic that we just talked about. That means that I don't have to spend as much time on social and admittedly many times on social.

[00:51:30] I am on my phone. So this is my tweak of the week. It's called If you wanna check your, if you want to track your time, then this is the way to do it.

[00:51:42] Beautiful. All right. All right. I don't have a. I saw that. No I'm tweak-less.

[00:51:51] Let's try this again. Inspirational nugget time.

[00:51:59] There we go. [00:52:00] Imagine inspirational nugget for today comes once again from Marcus Aurelius's meditations. And he said, whenever you have trouble getting up in the morning, remind yourself that you've been made by nature for the purpose of working with others. Whereas even unthinking animals share sleeping, and it's our own natural purpose that is more fitting and more satisfying.

[00:52:21] So if you need an extra boost to get out of bed, Every morning, if you need something more than caffeine can offer, use this, people are depending on you, your purpose is to help us the grand us to render this great work together and we're waiting and excited for you to show up. I love it. Yeah. That's wonderful.

[00:52:49] So get to work people cause we'll be watching, we're here to work together to make the world a better place to live for everybody.

[00:52:58] That's right. Yay. Yeah. So make sure you get Shelley's framework, check out the Strategic Marketing Membership, if you haven't already, and we will see you next week. That's right.

[00:53:09] Have a great weekend.

[00:53:10] And here we go.

[00:53:15] Thank you for joining the Women Conquer Business podcast, hosted by Shelley Carney and Jen McFarland. Please subscribe and leave a comment or question regarding your most challenging content creation or business problem. Then share this podcast with family and friends so they can find the support they need to expand their brand and share their message with the world.

[00:53:36] Check the show notes for links to valuable resources and come back again next week.

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Inspirational Nugget

“Don’t be ashamed of needing help. You have a duty to fulfill just like a soldier on the wall of battle. So what if you are injured and can’t climb up without another soldier’s help?” —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7.7

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