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Stop throwing everything against the wall.

Jen & Shelley Signing Off

We love you. We love our work together. And it's time to say goodbye.

Jen & Shelley Signing Off

Join us for the last episode of Women Conquer Business

We've helped you create consistent content, start a blog, create a live stream, and get insights on some of the biggest apps on the market.

We love our partnership. And it's time to close this body of work as we each embark on new projects and collaborations.

Join us as we wrap things up together.

Key Insights

We live in a time where anybody can make something, so why not make things? — Jen
New to marketing? Start on the right path
New to Marketing? Start on the right path. Find the gaps in your marketing, uncover important next steps, and deepen your marketing knowledge.
We want to thank you for spending this year with us, and we hope you got value from our content. — Shelley
Content Consistency Framework and Schedule
_”HOW CAN I STAND OUT ONLINE AND CONNECT WITH MY TARGET AUDIENCE?“_ Create valuable consistent content and share it every week. _THE CONTENT CONSISTENCY FRAMEWORK_ shows you how to create a weekly social media storm of content. This innovative strategy requires _NO EDITING_. That means anybody can…

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Jen & Shelley Signing Off

Jen McFarland and Shelley Carney shared tips, tricks, and secrets to boost your small business's organic marketing for the past year.

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