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How Curiosity Improves Your Marketing & Products

Curiosity improves your marketing and your products. Learn why your success boils down to being curious about your customers.

How Curiosity Improves Your Products and Marketing with Jen McFarland and Shelley Carney

Curiosity Improves Your Business

Want to make better products? Get your marketing message on point? Curiosity has the power to change everything — for the better. It drives invention, innovation, and discovery. It is the driving force behind progress.

Why? When your business has a curious attitude, they have the capability to stop chasing trends and start addressing its customers' deepest desires. In this episode, we'll discuss how you can incorporate curiosity into your business to develop better products and guide your marketing message.

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Key Insights

You need to start paying attention to the signals and listen to what it is that people need, because it changes. — Jen

When people are like, I didn't like this about your product. We can take it personally or we can get that curiosity tool out and we can bang around with it and say, what's wrong with this? Why didn't it work? What can I fix? What can I make different so that people understand it better and so that it's more effective? — Shelley
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Why Curiosity Improves Your Products and Marketing

How do companies make better products? Get its marketing message on point? CURIOSITY. Your success comes down to your desire to learn from your customers. Curiosity has the power to change everything — for the better. It drives invention, innovation, and discovery. It is the driving force behind progress.

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If I lived today as if it were my last, what would I do?

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