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We hired Jen to create a new website and improve our ability to attract and track traffic to our site. We couldn’t be happier with the result! Traffic is up and leads are stronger than ever.

Jeri Alcock Rose City Philanthropy

Jeri Alcock

Rose City Philanthropy


Jen is the best combination of high-level marketing operations guidance involving leadership, empathy, knowledge-prowess, and connections. Her humble yet clear approach gives you and your team complete confidence.

Sunil Bhaskaran Global Business Communities

Sunil Bhaskaran

Global Business Communities


Jen's mentorship not only made me a more technically and strategically-sound entrepreneur, but she helped me do this without abandoning who I am, or why I apply my craft. You better believe I'm on that first page now, and rising 😉

Nick Mendez Nick Mendez Photography

Nick Mendez

Nick Mendez Photography

New eCourse: 9 Steps to Marketing Success

Business is hard. Marketing doesn’t have to be.

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