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Despite What You May Think, You are a Valuable Gift to Others

When we realize and recognize each other’s talents and treasures something extraordinary happens. Hint: you're a valuable gift to others.

You are a Gift to Others
You are a Gift to Others Learn More

When we realize and recognize each other’s talents and treasures something extraordinary happens. It’s also important to remember the gifts we have within ourselves. These things can be a valuable gift to others.

I have a friend who has been going through some challenging and amazing and transformative changes in her life.

And we’ve been talking back and forth about what it all means and how to cope.

I think we spent a little bit too much time and should dos and can dos. But change is hard. And I think you all know how hard it can sometimes be, even if those changes mean amazing and good things for you. I think we all know how hard it is to accept what’s going on around us and make it our own.

And in this back and forth I started to realize that what I was hearing from my friend had a lot more negative connotations than positive ones. It’s a lot easier when we go through times of change to focus on all of the bad things that are happening, all of the things that are different and how weird it is, and how it is uncomfortable.

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And as I was getting ready and shopping for the week and I was getting my cart together and stuff I was like wait. Wait. So I sent a text.

I said “You are amazing and these challenges and experiences that you’re having are a gift. They’re a valuable gift to others and you.”

And then I got my cart going and hustled into the store.

Then I was like, wait. That’s not really what I wanted to say at all. I took a deep breath and considered what I wanted to say because I don’t know that I’ve said it to somebody before even though I felt it about various vital people in my life.

And yet I knew it was what she needed to hear.

I paused.

I sent another text.

“YOU are a gift.”

And then I felt fear and discomfort in my body. I felt vulnerable in this weird way to say to my friend who I’m very close to, “you’re a gift.”

I didn’t know how that would be received.

Sometimes the gift you give is the gift you need

And as I was shopping and walking up and down the aisles, I kept saying to myself “YOU are a gift.” YOU are a gift.

I was sending it out to my friend.

But at the same time, I found myself saying it to myself.

And I realized how much I needed that myself — not only my friend — but how much I needed to feel that too. So I started thinking about you. Thinking about how much time we spend not considering our gifts and what we have to offer.

I believe each one of you is a gift. I mean it.

Right now. You are a valuable gift to others. Not if you lose 15 pounds. Not if you make five hundred more dollars. Not if you win the lottery tomorrow or run a marathon or find your husband or leave your husband or whatever it is that you have on your horizon.

Whatever it is, you today, right now, are a gift. Accepting that is important. It’s important to look into ourselves and consider what it is about us that makes us a gift.

Photo by Leone Venter / Unsplash

The Future is Now. What do You See? Don’t You Think You’re a Valuable Gift to Others?

I see you.

I see you as a gift right now for all of the things that you bring.

But when we look inside of ourselves, and we consider what gifts it is that we bring might be saying to yourself I don’t know what kind of gifts I have. And if you’re like me, you may be focusing on those liabilities — those things that bother you. You might be thinking, “well it’s not that, it’s not this, it’s not that…” and yet it might be those very things that make you a gift to others.

I remember the first time I took the StrengthsFinder quiz.

And I remember thinking all the things that I’ve considered weaknesses are the very things that make me beautiful and unique and make me good at my work.

And yet sometimes we need to see the greatness in ourselves. And by understanding the greatness in ourselves, that’s what allows us to see more of what’s going on for other people and realize all they have to offer.

I’m almost embarrassed that it took two to three weeks of back and forth with my friend, being supportive before I paused long enough to say “you’re a gift.”

I see you.

You’re important to me.

Sometimes You’ve Got to Say What You Mean

I feel like we danced around that subject for a long time. I feel like we were touching on it and considering it and highly regard each other and love one another. But sometimes it’s about pausing long enough to say it.

To say I see you, I see you. For who you are. I love you, and you’re a valuable gift to me & others. I want you to look at those gifts within yourself. Then when you begin to look at those gifts within yourself, it helps you pay it forward and to give more of yourself.

Even if you don’t see it right now, somebody does.

Even if this is your worst day, there’s still something great about you. You’re still a valuable gift to others.

That’s part of what makes us all a gift to one another is the ability to see a friend who’s struggling or to recognize the struggle within ourselves and pull ourselves back and help our friends excel and be the best that they can be because it makes us all greater. And sometimes it’s seeing what a gift we are.

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