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How the Best Business Projects Get Done (PS - Best = Successful)

Here’s some advice on how to implement a new project with a little more intentionality than the excitement of a 3-year-old on Christmas.

How Your Most Successful Projects Get Done
How Your Most Successful Projects Get Done Learn More

Have you ever gone full force into a new business plan or groundbreaking project? Maybe things didn't go as planned. Here's how the best business projects get done.

First, I'd like to make sure we're on the same page when I say FULL FORCE. I don’t mean full force like you’re a little excited and work late a couple of nights.

I’m talking full force like you are a three-year-old on Christmas morning that just saw the presents under the tree for the first time.

Like you forgot everything else in the world existed. You couldn’t succumb to your rational thoughts if you wanted to.

If you have — you probably know it’s not such a good idea.

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Don’t get me wrong; enthusiasm is vital when it comes to business success. Forgetting your foundation, however, is a quick recipe for disaster.

Here’s some advice on how to implement a new project with a little more intentionality.

Complete Best Business Projects One Step at a Time

When you create a new plan or project for your business, it is essential to implement it one step at a time so that you do not disrupt your workflow or cause a downward spiral of disaster when something with your new plan goes wrong. Replace one part of your old process with a component of the new process and move forward piece by piece instead of all at once.

It’s Not One and Done; Test Before Moving On

As you implement each piece of the plan, be sure to test for your desired results. By examining small portions of your new plan at a time, you can help to ensure that you will not lose any critical data, compromise client information, or disrupt a workflow that will impact your bottom line.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan

There’s still the possibility something could go wrong when you are completing something new. Knowing what you are going to do when that prevents you from having to start over from scratch or from losing valuable work time.

Excitement feels good at the moment. Take your time and move one step at a time. That’ll make the result even sweeter.

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