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Patient, empathetic marketer with 20+ years of training, teaching, and executive experience in leadership, project management, and digital marketing. In a previous life, I led large-scale projects for the City of Portland. Today, I pour my heart and soul into Women Conquer Business and my new initia…

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Overhaul Your Google Business Profile for Lead Generation
Overhaul Your Google Business Profile for Lead Generation: Learn simple strategies you can use to improve lead generation using your Google Business Profile.

Overhaul Your Google Business Profile for Lead Generation

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Marketing Self-Assessment | Women Conquer Business
Free Marketing Self Assessment Checklist: find the gaps in your marketing, uncover important next steps, and deepen your marketing knowledge.

Free Online Course πŸ‘‡

3 Big Mistakes Podcasters Make
It’s hard balancing a business, podcasting, and marketing. Look at your podcast differently before you burn out.

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