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Is this you?

"I spend so much time futzing around with the tech details, I can never get any actual work done. Stuff takes me 10x longer than it should. Can’t I just automate some of this?"

YES? Start here.

I’ve gathered up my Guides, Checklists & Templates To Accelerate Your Business Growth here, so you can find what you need when you need it.

It’s late, you're tired, and you just need to know which one or how-to, without having to expend a ton of brainpower.

Lighten your load with these free resources.

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10 Step Marketing Starter Kit for New Businesses

10 Step Marketing Starter Kit for New Businesses
  • If you're starting a new business and don't know where to begin, start here
  • Answers all your initial questions so you can start promoting your business today
  • Get details on all 10 steps, including key questions and why each step is important

Business Website Account Ownership Guide

Website account ownership guide exclusive content
  • If you're considering letting your friend or developer "handle all the details" of your digital life (website, email, etc.) for a small fee, read this first
  • A simple guide you can use to ensure you own the critical pieces of your website.
  • Protect your business and never get stuck when you need a critical change!

3 Keys to Reach Your Business Goals

3 Keys to Reach Your Business Goals
  • I've distilled the MAGIC behind effective goal setting down to THREE KEY ingredients.
  • I call it your SWEET SPOT to reach your goals.
  • Long-form blog post breaking down why these steps are important.

Social Media Detox 7-Day Reflective Journal

social media detox 7-day reflective journal

Do you ever feel like you spent all day surfing the web, reading news, texting, and pouring over social media?

Oh, and then you get stressed out about business tasks left undone?

So then you spend all evening working on your business instead of chilling with family and friends.

This 7-day journal helps you Resist Distraction, Focus on the People You Love, and Reflect on Your Social Media Use.

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