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Jen McFarland

Obsessed with creating solutions that help businesses make exceptional decisions faster. Marketing pro. Leadership nerd. Project innovator. CoFounder, Epiphany Courses. Women Conquer Business Founder.

Shelley Carney

Livestream host, coach, and author. Podcaster and blogger for Messages and Methods and Women Conquer Business.

Elizabeth Case

Elizabeth is a Certified Mailchimp Partner who helps solopreneurs like you put systems and schedules around your sales and email marketing efforts so that it doesn't suck your will to live.

Tara Bosier

Realtor, blogger, military veteran, and mom. Tara always brings an interesting perspective to her work wherever she may be.

Gail Bendert

Gail Bendert is President and founder of SBRG, Inc., with over 35 years in the accounting and finance industries. She's also the CoFounder of Epiphany Courses, online business courses and audiobooks.

Lyle D. Solomon

Lyle Solomon has considerable litigation experience and expertise in legal analysis and writing. He serves as a principal attorney for the Oak View Law Group in California.

Marcus Lansky

Marcus Lansky, born with a spinal condition, created his site, Abilitator, as a way to reach out to those who are disabled and show them that becoming an entrepreneur is a goal they too can achieve.

Rachel Gonzalez

Content marketer specializing in analytics, SEM, social media management, and digital content creation with a proven track record in successfully developing and executing marketing strategies.

Nedra Rezinas

Nedra is a marketing strategist and coach who helps service-based entrepreneurs learn to delegate and outsource so that they can scale their business and do more work in their “zone of genius”.