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Save Time with this Free 10-Step AI Blog Workflow

Hate writing? AI makes it easy to escape the blank page. This free AI blog workflow helps you create content that sounds human, eliminates redundancy, and is plagiarism-free.

Easy Peasy Ai blog workflow using ChatGPT, Content at Scale and Grammarly
Easy Peasy AI Blog Workflow 

Most people hate writing. I don’t know what English teachers do to us, but most people would rather do anything than write a blog.

It breaks my heart 💔 because:

  • I love writing; and
  • The BEST copy ideas and heartfelt language comes from inside an organization (even if someone like me has to coax it out of you 😏).

Now that AI has hit the mainstream, even if you HATE writing with the fire of a 1,000 suns ☀️ .... you can write blogs or LinkedIn articles in a snap.

Your Easy AI Blog Workflow:

  • Use ChatGPT to create a blog outline using this prompt:
Create a [listicle, how to, case study, content hub] blog outline on the topic "[your topic]" for [ideal audience]

ChatGPT blog prompt: create a listicle blog outline on the topic "marketing automation" for small business owners
I used the exact ChatGPT prompt as above. You'll get better results the more specific you are about your audience and topic.

ChatGPT output of blog post outline '10 Must-Know Marketing Automation Tips"
Image cropped for brevity. Output using ChatGPT 4. 

  • Review it for accuracy (is it what you want to talk about?). If it’s correct, move on to the next step. If not, edit it. This is the outline you will use to create your blog.
  • Ask Chat GPT to write a blog using this prompt:
Write a 500-word blog post using this outline: [paste the outline from the previous step]
ChatGPT prompt 500-word blog post using this outline
The key here is asking for a 500-word blog post. ChatGPT can only generate 2,048 characters. Give it a parameter so the output doesn't get cut off. 

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  • Without editing, go to Content at Scale’s AI Detector (free) and paste the ChatGPT created blog into the window.
  • Click “Check for AI content” button. After it completes its review, you will see sentences highlighted for possibly or likely AI content.
Content at Scale free AI Detector.
Copy and paste your generated (unedited) blog post into Content at Scale's AI Detector. 

  • Edit the highlighted sentences so they sound more like you. Rerun the AI Detector again if needed.
Content at Scale's AI Detector helps you create content that sounds less ... Robotic.
Content at Scale's AI Detector helps you create content that sounds less ... Robotic.
Content at Scale's AI Detector will tell you how "human" your ChatGPT blog post is. Edit this sentences to sound like you.
Content at Scale's AI Detector will tell you how "human" your ChatGPT blog post is. Edit this sentences to sound like you. 

  • Paste the updated blog into Grammarly. AI content tends to be redundant and wordy. Do a grammar check and then do a plagiarism check.
Grammarly's grammar suggestions.
Grammarly's grammar suggestions. 
Grammarly's plagiarism checker.
Grammarly's plagiarism checker. 
  • Steps 1-9 take 5-10 minutes ... MAX.

The Final Step: PLEASE take the time to read and review the blog carefully. Make it sound like you because it represents your brand.

ChatGPT can be inaccurate, and it’s most effective at giving you a head start rather than a replacement for your brain.

.... AND I hope this helps you share your ideas quicker.

💌 That's a wrap.


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