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How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment

This $27 Mini-Course Enables You To Show Up Authentically in Your Business, Even if You're Scared.

How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment

It's Time to Align, Market & Grow Your Business

How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who KNOW their marketing efforts are heartfelt but janky, and aren’t sure how to course-correct. It’s ideal for anyone who used to love their work, and now worries they’ve created a loosely related hodgepodge of ideas, products, and services.

It’s a quick and easy way to examine your mission and vision to ensure all current business efforts are strategically aligned.

When you’ve finished How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment, you’ll be able to:

  1. Fix Your Blind Spots
    Identify blind spots, business challenges, or areas to hire outside help

  2. Share Your Values
    Ensure your messaging and campaigns reflect your values

  3. Align Your Efforts
    Unify your efforts strategically starting right now, and continuing into the future

  4. Show Up & Shine
    Stop going through the motions, and START doing what lights you up inside

  5. Love Your Work Again
    Feel energized and excited about your business again

  6. Set Actionable Goals
    Set goals that fire you up to take action on TODAY

Is This You? 

"I Feel Like I've Drifted Away From Why I Started My Business In The First Place."

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Real talk: building a business is HARD. You’ve got to reach the right customers, offer them exactly what they crave, and price it in their sweet spot.

You’ve got to balance internal resources with external pressures, vital values with shrewd strategies, all while keeping an eye on your budget.

It’s a lot. And business leaders often find themselves mired in the muck of daily activities, unable to reach larger goals or drive meaningful growth.

Since THAT sucks, I’ve built this course to help frustrated founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs make real progress.

How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment outlines the basics of strategic alignment: ensuring that every single initiative you launch underlines your mission, reaches your tribe, and supports your big-picture goals. This content-rich mini-course will walk you through the essential steps you need to tackle to kick dead initiatives to the curb.

How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment will help you show up authentically in your business and your marketing.

It’ll help you create unified and resonant messaging that reaches your ideal clients.

It’ll help you grow your endeavors with less effort … and more joy!

Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment

If you want your offerings to fully reflect your values in addition to driving revenue, this course will show you how to do just that.

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Here's what's inside:

Module 1: Grounding Exercises

Meditation and quiet time are important ways to calm the mind, learn about yourself, and gain clarity for your goal-setting adventure. The lesson includes meditations to support your gratitude, self-awareness, and collaboration practices so you are fully ready to dive into alignment and goal-setting.

Module 2: Alignment: Check-Ins & Questions

Tackling a massive laundry list of tasks doesn’t lead to alignment. It also doesn’t lead to progress, since you often end up spinning your wheels instead of moving forward. This module helps you pull back, inventory your guiding principles, and learn how to use them as a map. Have you built your services before writing your vision? Are you prioritizing activities over goals? Learn to align your choices to create growth and success.

Module 3: Goal-Setting For Aligned Action

What’s keeping you from reaching your goals? What actions or initiatives are you continuing to do, even though they no longer serve your business? It’s time for some honest conversations about leveraging consistency, capacity, and impact to create goals that are both aligned and achievable.

Module 4: Quick Fixes vs. Short-Term Wins

This short video reminds you of the differences between quick fixes and short-term wins. You want one, and if at all possible, you should try to avoid the other. (Guess which. Go on, guess.)

How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Alignment

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