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If you look hard enough, you could piece the courses together from my content. Or, save yourself time and grab one of these courses.

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🚀 Marketing

Find the Right Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

One of the biggest struggles most business owners have is piecing together all of the 'techy bits' to promote their business.

I have a unique perspective on this as I've worked in app development (as a tech translator) in addition to my hands-on marketing experience.

This course distills software selection into a 3-step process. By the end of this course, you'll not only have a general idea of the tools you need, but you'll also know the questions to ask marketing consultants and software companies.  

Find The Right Marketing Tools For Your Small Business
This online self-study course guides you, the business leader, through how to find the right marketing tools for your small business.

🎧 Podcasting

Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist

Originally, the Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist, was just that, a checklist. After the pin for the checklist went semi-viral on Pinterest, I started expanding it to make it even more useful for the absolute beginner podcaster.

Now, it's not only a checklist, but also videos and a workbook covering budgeting, equipment, and finding your podcast why.

Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist
Podcasting is a hot trend. How do you get started? This is THE solution for the bootstrapping podcaster.

3 Big Mistakes Podcasters Make

I created this free course as a promotion for She Podcasts Live 2021, to celebrate Epiphany Courses' sponsorship of the event and as something to offer as one of their featured speakers.

Personally, if you pair the Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist with this course, you have everything you need to not only plan your podcast but make sure it doesn't take over your business (and your marketing).

Gulnara agrees with me (she bought the Ultimate Podcast Planning Checklist and then took advantage of this free course):

3 Big Mistakes Podcasters Make
Test us our with this free course: 3 Big Mistakes Podcasters Make: How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy to Save Your Sanity (And Your Business)